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This is a guide to Washington lawmakers who are determining the future of the state. This year that means grappling with a two-year state budget that faces a shortfall of as much as $1.3 billion, as well as figuring out a way to fully fund education.

To find the legislators in your district and explore the bills they are sponsoring or where their campaign funding came from, just type in your address and we'll do the rest. Or, you can browse through top political leaders and all of the legislators.

Influential lawmakers
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Key lawmakers
are the top leaders by party in the House and Senate, and head the committees responsible for drafting a new state budget.

Frank Chopp

State House District 43, Position 2

Andy Hill

State Senate District 45

Ross Hunter

State House District 48, Position 1

Joel Kretz

State House District 7, Position 2

Ed Murray

State Senate District 43

Mark Schoesler

State Senate District 9

Rodney Tom

State Senate District 48

Education leaders are the senators and representatives who head the education committees responsible for funding K-12 through higher education.

Barbara Bailey

State Senate District 10

Ruth Kagi

State House District 32, Position 2

Steve Litzow

State Senate District 41

Larry Seaquist

State House District 26, Position 2

Sharon Tomiko Santos

State House District 37, Position 1

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